LG QNED99 vs Samsung QN900A (65QNED99UPA vs QN65QN900A, 75QNED99UPA vs QN75QN900A, 86QNED99UPA vs QN85QN900A)

by norrystyon October 21, 2021
LG QNED99 LG QNED99 is the highest-end model of LG’s 2021 LED TV. Unlike the lower model, it comes with 8K resolution. Although it uses IPS panel that usually has low native contrast ratio, but combination of its mini-LED backlight and local dimming features really improve its contrast ratio significantly, making it as an IPS […]

Samsung QN90A vs LG C1 (QN55QN90A vs OLED55C1PUB, QN65QN90A vs OLED65C1PUB)

by norrystyon August 21, 2021
Samsung QN90A Samsung Q90A is the flagship of the Samsung’s 2021 4K HDR Neo QLED TV lineup. You need to know, some high-ends model of Samsung’s QLED TV that released in 2021 including QN90A have used neo QLED technology. It is a technology that use mini LED as the light source of their backlight instead […]
Sony A8S Review

Sony A9S vs LG OLED CX Review (XBR48A9S vs OLED48CX)

by norrystyon January 6, 2021
Sony A9S is a part of Sony’s 2020 OLED TV lineup. But unlike other models, it comes in one screen size variant only, which is 48 inches.  It is the first model of Sony’s OLED TV that comes in 48 inches (XBR48A9S) and at the time also the smallest variant of Sony’s OLED TV. On […]


Best TVs in 2020 by Usage

by norrystyon November 25, 2020
In 2020, the number of TV manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, LG, TCL, Visio, Hisense, etc has launched all of their lineups. Each of them offered new features and technologies from the company. But of course, there is the best among them and none of them is dominant. This means, a TV with the best […]


by norrystyon September 30, 2020
The LG BX or OLED BX is the lowest model of LG’s 2020 OLED TV Lineup. Meanwhile, the LG CX or OLED CX is the series above it. Just like other OLED TVs, they both offers excellent picture quality with infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity. Additionally, they both also have nearly instantaneous pixel […]
LG Nano 90 Review

LG Nano 90 vs Sony X900H Review (55NANO90UNA vs XBR55X900H, 65NANO90UNA vs XBR65X900H, 75NANO90UNA vs XBR75X900H, 86NANO90UNA vs XBR65X900H)

by norrystyon July 22, 2020
LG NANO 90 is the top model of LG’s 2020 NanoCell 4K TV lineup. On the other hand, the Sony X900H is the second top model of Sony’s 2020 4K HDR LED TV. Both of them have good performance for any usage. Nevertheless, they both come with different panel technology.  Just like most models of […]

LG UM6900 vs UM7300 Review (43UM6910 vs 43UM7300, 49UM6900 vs 49UM7300, 55UM6910 vs 55UM7300, 65UM6900 vs 65UM7300)

by norrystyon September 23, 2019
The LG UM6900 and UM7300 are the basic, entry-level 4K TVs of LG’s 2019 lineup. Just like other entry level TVs, both of them comes in many screen size options. For LG UM7300, it comes in 6 screen sizes option including 43 inches (43UM7300), 49 Inches (49UM7300),  50 inches (50UM7300), 55 inches (55UM7300), 65 inches […]

LG SM8600 vs SM9000 Review (55SM8600 vs 55SM9000, 65SM8600 vs 65SM9000, 75SM8670 vs 75SM9070)

by norrystyon September 11, 2019
Overview LG SM9000 is the second top model of the LG’s 2019 4K HDR LED TV lineup. Meanwhile, the LG SM8600 is one level below the SM9000.  Just like most other models of LG’s LED TVs, they both also come with IPS panel technology. In the market, the SM8600 is available on 4 screen sizes, […]
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