LG Nano 90 Review

LG Nano 90 vs Sony X900H Review (55NANO90UNA vs XBR55X900H, 65NANO90UNA vs XBR65X900H, 75NANO90UNA vs XBR75X900H, 86NANO90UNA vs XBR65X900H)

by norrystyon July 22, 2020
LG NANO 90 is the top model of LG’s 2020 NanoCell 4K TV lineup. On the other hand, the Sony X900H is the second top model of Sony’s 2020 4K HDR LED TV. Both of them have good performance for any usage. Nevertheless, they both come with different panel technology.  Just like most models of […]
Sony X800H Review

Sony X800H vs X800G Review (XBR43X800H vs XBR43X800G, XBR49X800H vs XBR49X800G, XBR55X800H vs XBR55X800, XBR65X800H vs XBR65X800G, XBR75X800H vs XBR75X800G)

by norrystyon March 28, 2020
Sony X800H is the entry level in the Sony’s 2020 TV lineup. It is a direct replacement for the 2019 model X800G. As we have known, the X800 Series is an entry level TV with good performance and picture quality. Come with IPS panel, both of them have an advantage on its side viewing angle […]

Sony X800G vs Samsung RU8000 Review (XBR49X800G vs UN49RU8000, XBR55X800G vs UN55RU8000, XBR65X800G vs UN65RU8000, XBR75X800G vs UN75RU8000)

by norrystyon August 5, 2019
Sony X800G is a mid range TV that launched by Sony in 2019. It is the replacement of the 2018’s X750F and in the Sony’s 2019 lineup, it sits under the X850G. Meanwhile, the Samsung RU8000 is also a mid-range TV that launched by Samsung in 2019. It is replacement of the 2018’s NU8000 series […]

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